The regional patent-
and utilisation agencies:
Coordination &
and middle Hessen region

TransMIt GmbH
Gesellschaft für
Technologietransfer mbH

Northern and eastern Hessen region
Gino mbH
Gesellschaft für Innovation
Nordhessen mbH

Southern Hessen region
Gesellschaft für innovative Technologien und FuE-Dienstleistungen der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main mbH

The latest entries:

Mild and cost-effective halogenation of alkanes and alkyl groups
Alkyl-halides and especially benzyl-halides are important intermediates within chemical production. The new halogenation process presented here allows for a considerable increase in the efficiency of the manufacturing of halogenated alkanes, halogenated cycloalkanes and especially of benzyl halogeni....

Direct oxidation with oxygen - Aldehydes and ketones without by-products
With the new combination catalyst, it is possible for the first time to achieve a very selective and thus by-product-free oxidation of alkanes / cycloalkanes to aldehydes or ketones using molecular oxygen as the oxidizing agent.

Measuring- Control- Regulation technologies and sensors
Introduction of technologies from the sectors
Measuring, control and regulation technologies
Electrical engineering and electronics
Further technical developments

TransMIT Centers from these research areas

Life science:
Treatment of Varieties of Dermatitis and Malassezia Yeasts
We offer compounds consisting of alkaline salts and earth alkaline salts usable for treatment and prophylaxis of dermatitis and other malassezia-associated diseases.

Functional surface modification inspired by the mussel adhesive protein - the most stable adhesive in nature
Permanent and stable surface coatings are suitable to be achieved on medically relevant metals (e.g. titanium) and glass via trimeric catechol derivatives. Furthermore, various active agent molecules such as PEG, antibiotics, enzymes and other biomolecules may be coupled to natural molecules by mean....

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